Friday, December 12, 2014


I thought that not posting for 4 weeks was horrible and then 
8 WEEKS passed and life got in the way of documenting it.
Following is a catch-up for October and most of November.

Enjoy :)

Super exciting day attending the annual meeting of the Costume Guild West

Mela Heydon-Hoyt was the narrator of the impressive parade of period costumes.

And the costumes made by these ladies was amazing.

Even the millinery was impressive.

It's always a good time spending time with the creative costumers of the Costume Guild West.

Off we go to work feeling kinda cute :)

Accessory Close-up
Brown leather sandals from DKNY that I've had forever
Faux leather belt from Zara bought on sale years ago
Kate Spade bling bracelet
Little gold ball earrings from I don't know where or when

Got roped into a HUGE high school outreach at the county fairgrounds.

Go ( to ) Saddleback College !!!

Somehow heels always make you look more professional...maybe I should wear them more :)

Accessory Close-up
Leather shoes from Nordstrom Rack that I LOVE
Mics bracelets

 Two hour afternoon class so I confess not alot of effort into my " fashion "

Accessory Close-up
Favorite leather flats from Nordstrom Rack
Gold bracelets
Vintage brooch from favorite online store

Love this Trina Turk resale store find but, I fear it may be a tad too short :(
Maybe if I wore it with heels instead of a flat...

Accessory Close-up
Suede burgundy flats from Banana Republic
New vintage scarf overpriced from a resale store
Misc gold bangles and gold posts

Close up of my awesome vintage scarf with Edwardian girls and parasols

The look is easy breezy with my new fringed booties.

Accessory Close-up
New fringed booties from Nordstrom
Awesome old necklace from Aldo's
Gold bling bracelets

Today is the orientation for my 8 week field trip class.
This class is a pain in my *%& because hours, hours, and hours of work for minimal pay.

Accessory Close-up
Favorite brown leather sandals from Steinmart
Silver bangle and earrings
Vintage turquoise bolo tie

Love, love, love my bolo ties :)

Guess what !! I'm in Tennessee at the Millinery Meet-up.
Got wait listed in June and finally got invited to attend 1 week before the actual event.

The Millinery Meet-up was three days of amazing all day seminars and fantastic people.

My most favorite milliner, Wayne Wichern, was one of the instructors so it was 
a wonderful experience!

A hat patterned in a class, embellished, and sewn together in minutes for a photo op.

Time for a group photo that no one was very interested in posing for a picture.

Here is my finished hat from my Straw Braid class.

And here is my finished hat from the Hat Pattern class and the embellishment from Wayne.

The downside to the Tennessee camp was that a few blocks from the world famous Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts were at least 5 candy stores selling FRESH popcorn, carmel corn, kettlecorn, cheesecorn, etc!!

After four nights of unlimited carmel corn I was one happy camper
in the great smoky mountains of Tennessee :)

I love wearing skirts but, I wonder if my knees can still take it. 

Accessory Close-up
Black Leather booties from DSW (?)
New necklace my Mom bought me from San Francisco China Town
Faux gold bracelet from London, England

Can short pants make you look short ???

Accessory Close-up
Favorite faux leather blue shoes with white metal daisies
Gold Kate Spade bling

Today was a weird day.
Not only was it a Friday and Halloween but, I HAD to go into Los Angeles for a field trip.
Thought traffic would be horrible and instead I made record time going and returning.

Okay!! I am into November and it's the weekend before Veteran's Day 
and I'm shop, shop, shopping in beautiful Palm Springs.

Happy Veterans Day !

Lazy days and easy outfits. 
Cigarette pants, flats and oversized shirts.

Accessory Close-up
Weird Blue leather flats
Blue leather bracelet from Bellevue, Washington fashion week
Favorite fabric floral brooch from local OC artist

I still love this really cute sweater I bought this weekend on the sale rack at Anthropologie but, apparently it adds about 20 pounds to my silhouette.

Accessory Close-up
Leather sandals from Nordstorm
Silver necklace from Carmel, CA giftshop
Silver bangles from Nordstrom

Back in my comfy uniform of a big shirt over skinny pants.

Accessory Close up
Favorite well worn not leather, not Steve Madden sandals
Beautiful green turquoise bracelet my grandma bought in Arizona in the 1960s
Big silver hoop earrings

So it's an unusually warm November and I'm still wearing just sweaters and sandals.
This is a really cool vintage sweater I found at my favorite resale store.

Accessory Close-up
Favorite leather sandals from Zara that are a pretty reddish-brown
Favorite necklace of thread wrapped circles from Anthropolie long ago
Gold Kate Spade chain bracelet

Oops, didn't I wear a white shirt with green pants two days ago?
This shirt actually has black topstitching all around the cuffs, collar, center front and hem.
Also. the garment proportions are totally different :)

Accessory Close-up
Black patent leather sandals from Nordstrom long ago
Black enamel bracelet from I don't remember ( maybe Chinatown? )
Favorite silver drop ball earrings from Ralph Lauren

It's November and I am going to my first Christmas boutique in shorts!!

I figure no one will care if my legs are old because 
I plan on being surrounded by older people because
I FINALLY am going inside Clubhouse 4;
Leisure World...

I have made friends with a delightful Leisure World resident and she got me inside past the guards.
For years I have heard rumors of the amazing workshops at Leisure World and today was 
the huge Christmas sale.

The workshops are amazing with beautiful equipment maintained perfectly. 
There is lapidary, wood working, sewing, ceramics, jewelry, fine arts, and more.
And the prices were ridiculously low. 
But, these aren't starving artists; they're extremely nice, talented seniors.

Another impossibly sunny day in Southern California 
and in Palm Springs it was REALLY sunny.

and I met one mad dinosaur.
Guess extinction can make you grumpy

Now I know it is November 10th because my friend Liz and I purchased advance tickets to the amazing Hollywood Costume exhibit in Los Angeles in the LACMA compound.

I tried to be all edgy and fashion forward in my low crotch hanging harem pants.
As long as the back of the pants are covered by a long sweater or top they're pretty cute.

This exhibit is HUGE with over 150 original costumes that are all easily recognizable. 
I wrote more about it on my WeSew blog.

Of course I couldn't pass up one last photo op :)

Just bought this sweater off the sale rack at Anthropologie... 
could not resist the price reduction from $100+ down to $59 with an added 30% off!!
However, washing it will be a real challenge with all the fringe and loose yarns :(

Accessory Close-up
Orange leather impulse buy sandals from Marshals ( heel is pretty high for me )
Gold bling from Kate Spade and mystery orange bracelet
New gold drop earrings from Nordstrom Rack ( I think )

Happy Birthday Marines!
Attended an annual Marine Ball that is one of the times I MUST wear a long gown.
My gowns are definitely getting more comfortable and now I think I have enough gowns to successfully just rotate gowns without having to buy any more new ones.

Found my regular dancing posse as we entered the hotel

and once inside always meet up with a new posse :) 
Love a man in uniform!

This is always a really fun evening.

Yay, the annual Artistic License boutique blew into town.
Unfortunately my favorite flower brooch maker was conspicuously absent :(
And yes, it was really hot outside.

Tried my favorite trick of throwing on a scarf ( or this time a knit capelet thing )
over my t-shirt to dress up wearing jeans and a t-shirt to work.
Sometimes you're just not inspired.