Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 5, 2014

Tonight I supported the Saddleback Fashion Department by attending the first ( and hopefully annual ) 
collaboration with the four community colleges in the OC that have fashion programs.
Each school had a few designers represented and these two from Saddleback are outstanding.

There was a rather chaotic fashion show with high energy 

and a month long gallery exhibit of the fashions.

And it happened on the first Saturday which is also the date of the monthly arts festival in Santa Ana.
There was lots to do and see in addition to the fashion show.

April 4, 2014

It's Friday Field Trip
Trying to look like fashionable as I lead my students fearlessly into the fashion industry.

Today's field trip was an extremely interesting boutique manufacturer with a unique business model.

Accessory Close up
Leather ankle booties from DSW ( love the color )
Scarf from Nordstrom that was purchased in circle ( I didn't sew it into one )
Brillant blue leather bracelet from Bellevue WA fashion show
Gold bracelet bling and gold knot earrings by Kate Spade

Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 2, 2014

Trying to rock the new "boyfriend" pant silhouette. 
Low on the waist, semi-baggy through the hips, and tapered ( but NOT skinny ) legs.
This is a tough look if you weigh more than 95 lbs and have any hips.

Accessory Close-up
Cole Haan leather loafers with orange stitching ( LOVE )
Gold bracelet bling
Fringed striped scarf that I did not sew into a circle ( ! )

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 1, 2014

No joke: after 10 days off it was time to go back to the class room.
Ate and ate and ate way too much on my Spring Break :(

Accessory Close up
New weird faux leather boots from resale store in Ojai ( not sure if I like them or not… )
Cameo brooch from Burbank resale store
Gold bling bracelets ( arm party )
Tiny pearl earrings

March 30, 2014

 230 Forest Avenue,  Laguna Beach CA 

Had a lovely spontaneous mid-day Happy Birthday celebration for my friend in Laguna Beach.

Cocktails and amazing appetizers followed by…

an equally amazing molten, bubbling chocolate desert masterpiece!

Cocktails + cake = 6pm bedtime
but so worth it :) 

Wild Women Weekend

It's my Spring Break so I grabbed my dearest friend visiting from wintery Wisconsin,
put the top down on my car and went looking for some sunshine :)

Had to go no further than lovely Ventura for some sun and fun.

First time I have really explored Ventura and it was great!
Saw historical buildings and mission,

The Taj Cafe, 574 E. Main, Ventura

Ate too much Indian food at lunch,

Gave an amazing gigantic ancient tree a hug,

 Strolled down Main Street into numerous unique boutiques and resale stores,

And the next morning it was on to…

If you've never been to Ojai I'm sad for you.

Beautiful downtown with lovely architecture, sights, galleries, boutiques, restaurants, etc.

Saw lots of art,

Enamel Spiritile by Houston Llew

bought some art at Human Arts Gallery…

took a hop scotch break,

Porch Gallery, 310 E. Matilija St., Ojai, CA

chanced upon the delightful Porch Gallery in the gorgeous and historic Montgomery house.

Barbie: An American Icon was the exhibit at the Porch Gallery 

and you just assume the images are photographs but, are actually amazing oil paintings 
by Judy Ragagli

And on the front lawn of the Porch Gallery was an interactive exhibit that has people participating all over the country.
Everyone finishes the sentence Before I die I want to…

My dear friend of 30 + years and I are not quite the AWBAs we were when we met but,

Good weather, good friends, good times; priceless.

If You Care What Actors Wear

Made my annual pilgrimage to FIDM Museum & Galleries in LA for their 
22nd Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit

Translation: a gallery of the costumes from 22 top grossing films in 2014

Man of Steel; designer James Acheson & Michael Wilkinson
photo uploaded from
There are comic book costumes,

Hunger Games: Catching Fire, designer Trish Summerville
photo uploaded from 
there are fantasy costumes,

Thor: The Dark World, designer Wendy Partridge
photo uploaded from
there are fictional costumes,

Romeo and Juliet, designer Carlo Poggioli
photo uploaded from
there are costumes from literature,

The Invisible Woman, designer Michael O'Connor
photo uploaded from
there are historical costumes,

The Great Gatsby, designer Catherine Martin
photo uploaded from

and there are the costumes that won the 2014 Academy Award for best costumes!

And as we drove away from Los Angeles there is this fabulous billboard…
a possible 2015 best costume contender ?