Sunday, September 21, 2014

The BIG Apple

Egads, my summer vacation did not start until August 14th!
Caught a red-eye flight to ...
the BIG apple
New York City!!

Where I met up with some of my favorite people in the universe.

First stop after flying all night was a breakfast picnic of bagels and lox in Central Park.

Jumped on some rental bikes and spent the next few hours riding along
the 46 miles of trails in Central Park!

Hung out ( literally ) with my favorite character; The Mad Hatter.

and enjoyed a leisurely respite by the famous Central Park lake.
( we named all the movies we could think of that had scenes at this lake ) 

After a quick change it was off to the Highline and the Meatpacking district for the evening.

First stop was a beer garden that required purchasing tickets for beers.
We bought a few ...

and you could purchase amazing pretzels. 
My favorite food!!!

So we had a few beers with our pretzel LOL

And it was actually my birthday.
Could not think of anywhere else I would rather have been 

Bryant Park
Next day was full of seeing the sights

Worlds largest H&M ?


a place with a lot of flags

more sights 

more shopping

a random GIANT art sculpture created by Jeffrey Koons

and finally the shopping was finished and on to...

The Lion King on Broadway at the Minkskoff Theater,

right off of the EXTREMELY crowded Times Square !

If you care what the actors wear :)

These girls are only wearing paint !

If you care what some Times Square performers DON'T wear !!

Chanced upon another random art exhibit.

We survived the unbelievable Saturday night Times Square crowd !!!

Next morning it was a short subway ride to...

Brooklyn !

What a lovely picture...oh wait ! It's a mirror. LOL

Went to a great flea market,

more beer and pretzels ( I love vacations )

Saw NYC from the Brooklyn side,

including Lady Liberty :)

Next impressive sight was the 9/11 memorial fountains.
Having never seen any images of the fountains I was surprised, amazed 
and moved by the number of names inscribed.

Ended day three with New York pizza and more beer :)

Last day and I had to stop by the garment district,
which of course, meant a stop at Mood Fabrics.

So many fabrics and notions and things...oh my!

Last New York meal was the the famous Russian Tea Room.
It was delicious, memorable and expensive $$$$


Thursday, September 11, 2014

August 8, 2014

 School is out and 
Today is my first day of summer!

I spent a hot day at the OC Fair!
AND I got in free because I was a judge and got complimentary tickets :)

Tried to keep my cool with a delicious craft beer,

I love the vibrant colors of a fair...

and the interesting ( ? ) fair food...

love, love the exhibits

loving my totally not healthy fair food lunch :)

local artisans to watch,

 clever ideas to appreciate,

and very innovative random performers.

and I still believe that the winners I selected in 
the Fiber Arts and Hand Craft category
were deserving.

A day not at work is always nice,
but a day at the fair is FUN !

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 7, 2014

I survived summer school !!
Today is day 32 of classes and the last day.
Once again I opted for cool comfort over fashion.

Accessory Close-up
Brown leather sandals from Nordstrom Rack
Silver bead bracelet from Silpada
Peridot birthstone necklace
Tiny diamond posts gift from hubster 28 years ago.

Kevin makes cool shorts!
There were some pretty good times mixed in with the day to day grind :)

Crazy hot field trip to Los Angeles fabric district

Did Matthew make his shirt too small ?? LOL