Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 7, 2014

I survived summer school !!
Today is day 32 of classes and the last day.
Once again I opted for cool comfort over fashion.

Accessory Close-up
Brown leather sandals from Nordstrom Rack
Silver bead bracelet from Silpada
Peridot birthstone necklace
Tiny diamond posts gift from hubster 28 years ago.

Kevin makes cool shorts!
There were some pretty good times mixed in with the day to day grind :)

Crazy hot field trip to Los Angeles fabric district

Did Matthew make his shirt too small ?? LOL


August 6, 2014

Okay, today I just went for it and wore shorts.
It's hot, classes end tomorrow and I just can't put together anything remotely fashionable !!

I even went to a fundraiser for city council candidate Nancy Jenkins after work in my shorts !

Accessory Close-up
New burnt sienna leather sandals from Zara
Multi color bead necklace from random surf shop
Gold bling bracelets by Kate Spade

August 5, 2014

I am bringing back gaucho pants!
Picked these up at a resale store and I think I like them... looks like a skirt, comfort of a short. 

Accessory Close-up
Favorite leather sandals by Lucky
Gold bling bracelets by Kate Spade
Antique tiny flower pin from an old woman ( it's a long story )

August 4, 2014

My last week of classes for summer and I am actually wearing sandals, jeans and a t-shirt! 
Just trying to make it thru the day.

Accessory Close-up
New leather sandals from Nordstrom that I am already wearing out!
Gold bracelet bling from Kate Spade
Gold knot earrings by Kate Spade
Triple circle necklace gift from my girlies

Twice was Nice at Costume College 2014

I have heard about and wanted to attend Costume College for years.
It's just in Los Angeles but, registration fills up quick so you have to thinks ahead.
I think I registered back in January ( ? )

The main focus of Costume College is 100+ classes and lectures on all things costuming.
It is impossible to attend every class but, I really enjoyed the 10 classes I 
fit into my two day inaugural Costume College.

The teachers were all interesting, enthusiastic and often in costume
                              so the obvious highlight of the event was what people were wearing!

Never actually seen a man wearing a cod piece before…

Cobbling in the hallway

So many sweet hats !!

I detest our current boring non-hatwearing fashions.

Yes that is a real dead pheasant on this hat.

Not all costumes were historical.
I am wearing my ' trying to look hip ' costume

So many hats, so many great shapes and embellishments.

Day two my costume was much less ' hip ' but, comfortable :)

Seeing these people doing ordinary tasks in period garb really gave an idea of 
what the population may have looked like back in the day. 
Back when people cared what they wear.

Anything goes at Costume College,

from Steampunk

to vintage

to fabulous accessories.

and speaking of accessories,
one of the most fun classes I took was a
Mucha Art Deco Inspired headpiece class

Everyone brought their own foliage and no two head pieces were the same.
The headdresses were so cool, I'd love to have an opportunity to wear it somewhere.

Then there was the grand gala on Saturday night that I was too chicken to attend but, 
watching everyone going into the ballroom was pretty fun in itself.

Costume couples usually had a theme.

Maybe I will make some new friends in this interesting tribe of people that like to time travel.
I think my favorite look for me is the 1920s with the cute cloche hats.

There were sooooooooo many people really into their era and costume.
I really was curious how many guests worked in costuming or theater and how many did it just for fun.

This lady bought this amazing Art Deco dress 
( it's burnt out velvet with ombre dye and the beautiful front panel )
and made her headpiece in the Mucha Headdress class.
She looked great AND comfortable.

I don't find it too odd that grown adults like to dress up and enjoy a giant costume party.
It is interesting the research and detail many put into their costumes…
there were no last minute, poorly constructed, hardly a costume in the room.

And if you really think about it we all put on a costume everyday.
How we dress is a clue to who we are, and how we want to be perceived.

That is why I care what I wear.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

July 29, 2014

This is my WORST hair day all summer!
It actually photographed okay but, I pulled my bangs back with a bobby pin and 
put the rest is a messy bun/ponytail.
It was just so hot I didn't even care what I looked like :(

Accessories Close-up
New leather flat, flat shoes ( LOVE!! ) from TJ Max. Unbelievably comfortable
Gold bling bracelets mostly from Kate Spade
Gold hoops from Nordstrom

July 28, 2014

I am really starting to like gray as a neutral color. 
It can go with brights like this blue skirt 
or pastels ( which I NEVER wear ) 
or jewel tones that I wear all Fall.

Note to self: buy more gray :)

 Accessories Close-up
Gray patent leather wedge sandals that almost went into the Goodwill bag last closet purge
Gold bragcelet bling
Ceramic bead necklace from favorite resale store
Multi-color small beads necklace from random surf shop on Balboa Island